Six Things You Should Know Before Hiring An Offshore Development Team

Six Things You Should Know Before Hiring An Offshore Development Team

If you wonder how companies hire offshore dedicated developers and become successful, you are not alone. Hiring an offshore development team from India is especially common for good reasons. As per research by Deloitte, 59 percent of businesses outsource from India, with another 22 percent considering the option. If you hired an offshore development team before and were not impressed, you should give it another go. And we at Muoro know how good guidance can help put your business at the top. If you are thinking of hiring an offshore development team, you should remember the following six points:

1. India is the perfect location:

As per a UNESCO survey, 32 percent of students in India choose science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as a career, which roughly translates into a total of 2.7 million in 2018. If you hire offshore development teams from India, you also have the added advantage of getting a diverse workforce with more female members. As per the latest report, there are more female STEM graduates at the tertiary level in India when compared to other developed nations like the US or UK. If you want to hire a diverse team, this is your chance.

2. Low Labor Costs:

A valid reason for employers to consider hiring offshore is the low labor costs in another country. For example, if you hire offshore dedicated developers in India, you can get Silicon Valley-level developers without paying what you would pay in the US. You can complete high-priority projects faster with the help of Engineer as a Service (EaaS) like Muoro. Yes, we can get you front-end developers, PHP developers, Zoho developers, and more to hire offshore development teams within three days. Isn’t that great? You do not have to waste your precious time in hiring suitable candidates. You can leave it to us and not worry about a thing.

3. Recognize what your business needs:

While you may have a fair idea, that is not enough. You narrow it down to a role or a description based on your business goals. If you approach a business partner intending to hire offshore development teams but do not know your long-term goal, you might end up with a result you did not expect. Until you can identify your goals clearly, you cannot expect the other party to hire offshore dedicated developers on your terms.

4. Know the Benefits:

Unless you know your benefits, you cannot use them to your advantage. One of the main benefits of this strategy is that you can have the team working round the clock due to developers in different time zones. If you have not discovered that, you should use that to further your business. Fix a schedule so that your project is always in progress and you can complete it faster than otherwise. With clear communication, you can manage the team without too much effort. You can finish much more within a stipulated period when you hire offshore dedicated developers instead of traditional developers.

5. Experience:

Your in-house developers may or may not have the required work experience to tackle every project, but that is solved when you hire offshore development team. Most of them have already worked as a part of offshore development teams and know what employers expect from them. Especially, with Muoro you can hire offshore dedicated developers from our pool of top vetted engineers across data science, DevOps, and other niches. We want you to only focus on the ideas, conception, and delivery of your project, and that is why we want the best for you.

6. Flexibility:

As you hire offshore development teams from a third party, you have enough flexibility to direct the team as per your requirement. Muoro involves you in every aspect of the offshore team, right from coordination to delivery. You have a say in everything the team does and how it can fulfill your demand and requirements. You can leave salaries and incentives to a trustworthy partner like Muoro. When you hire offshore dedicated developers, you can also use our project management tools if you want to.

Take care to remember all the above pointers before you hire offshore development teams.