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Software Engineering
Teams With Muoro

Muoro's innovative engineer on-demand model helps you to onboard top 3% of software engineering talent within 3 days


Why Muoro?


Traditional Hiring is Broken

The orthodox way of hiring engineers through job portals and freelancing websites is very frustrating for CXO and HR managers. Finding technically strong and the right talent is cumbersome putting more time and money at stake

Introducing EaaS Hybrid Hiring Model

Muoro combines technology with years of managerial experience to build software teams faster in a cost effective way.

Our Engineer as a Service (EaaS) model leverages unique talent hunting techniques, proprietary machine learning technology, and powerful analytics to find, test and onboard silicon-valley caliber software engineers from all over the globe.


Bridge Your Talent
Gap with Muoro

  • Fast, accurate AI-based resume screening
  • Our AI system scours through thousands of developer resumes, and profiles from our talent bank of pre-vetted software engineers to identify promising candidates for your project requirements and team building.
  • Thorough, personalized developer onboarding and management
  • Our hiring managers review results from our AI system against job and project descriptions. Up to four profiles are sent for each job description by Muoro’s team, who also help you with managing the developers.

Fastest Onboarding Time

A typical hiring process can take up to 36-60 days from issuing a job posting to position fulfillment. With us, you can hire a new developer and assign them to your project within three business days. Our EaaS model enables us to cut the clutter, zero in on the best candidates for your requirements, and get started as quickly as possible.


Rigorous Pre-Employment Screening

All developers are subjected to multiple background checks, interviews and tests before being onboarded. Our roster consists of the top 3% talent that the software development world has to offer. Beyond coding and problem solving skills, we also ensure our software engineers fit in culturally within your organization.


Complete Backend Team Support

Managing a remote team can be very challenging and we get that. Muoro ensures your remote software teams remain on track throughout the length of your project. We ensure our software developers are well versed in communication, remote interaction, leadership qualities, and a team spirit.


Why the Best Brands Choose Us

  • Remote work is all the rage today and for good reason. It helps companies slash operating costs, while helping them tap into a global talent pool. But, there are numerous hurdles that managers are often unprepared for like cultural differences, communication difficulties, inability to find developers with domain expertise, and employees going absent are all issues that amplify in a remote setting.
  • Our EaaS operating model is built from the ground up to ensure your remote team hiring and operating experience remains as pleasant as possible. With Muoro, companies spend less time wrestling with day-to-day challenges, more time creating awesome products, all while seeing their recruitment and operating expenses fall dramatically.
  • But, don’t take our word for it. See how we work with our risk-free, 2-Week Trial.

Success Stories

Our teams have created world-class products time and time again for clients in a wide variety of industries. Muoro has a solution for everyone.

Data Analytics & Data Visualization for NBFC

Being a licensed NBFC by Reserve bank of India, the company’s aim is to reach out to the MSME sectors that are financially excluded, unorganized and unreached.

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Data Analytics & Data Visualization for NBFC

AI and Data Management Team

After the selection our manager provide the details of the project to the selected engineers and helps in proper assimilation of the team with reporting managers at your organization. After the selection our manager provide the details of the project to the selected engineers and helps in prope

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AI and Data Management Team

The Muoro Advantage

Simplified, fast-track onboarding :

Ramp up and start working on your project in three business days or less.

A large talent pool :

Pick from 2000+ active software developers, and 10000+ pre vetted engineers on file.

Save big :

Our clients save up to $2,000 per hire.

We’re fully remote :

With Muoro, you can build distributed, global teams that deliver on time, every time.


60 Days


$2000 Per Hire


Hire in 3 Days 


Top 3% Engineering Talent

Build Remote Engineering Teams With Muoro

Here’s How Muoro Works

We simplify your hiring process by sourcing, vetting, and matching you with remote software engineers you can trust. We make the hiring process fast and cost-effective.


Our recruitment and vetting experts work with you to create detailed developer personas. Our AI system matches key project requirements against current job rosters in Muoro and pre-vetted, tested developers we have on file. Hiring managers analyze the results returned by our AI system and select the best candidates who are further tested and interviewed against your specific prerequisites.

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Candidate(s) who pass the vetting process are offered your assignment details. They are introduced to the team and reporting managers they will work with. We help the developer acclimate to their new workspace and answer any questions they may have.

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Once your project starts, we help you track your team’s progress through regular reports and work summaries that will include the number of billable hours, issues and potential solutions from our end.

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Once all deliverables are complete, we provide you with a ramp down plan which includes complete knowledge transfer, source code and wireframes (if applicable) to help you take control over all aspects of the project.

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