Follow these Six Tips to Select the Best Software Developer

Follow these Six Tips to Select the Best Software Developer

As the IT sector constantly evolves, the responsibilities of software developers or software engineers change too. Thus, it has become tough to hire remote software developers based on age-old criteria. So, every hiring manager should know about the current skills needed in the IT industry & build their hiring criterion accordingly. For example, programming languages like Python or Ruby are constantly in trend right now. If you do not know about them, you should probably update yourself with the latest trends & be in sync with the industry. To make it easier for you, here are the six tips you should follow to select only the best software developer:

1.Select hires through referrals: According to research, more than 80% of employers think referrals are the best sources for hiring the most talented candidates. If you are not using this source, you should consider using it now. Personal networking can give you a chance that other sources might not. When you already know a person through your connections, you might not have to grill them for interviews as fiercely.

2. Check out the projects authored by the candidate: But, how can you do that? Why not check out open-source projects on GitHub? Logically, this source can be your best bet to find exceptionally talented & qualified software engineers. Since you have already seen his work, you are sure of his credibility & you know that taking his interview would be worth it. So, you would not be wasting your time interviewing average candidates. So now you can hire software engineers only with the right skills.

3. Give a programming challenge to the candidate: Now, what can be better than playing out a situation to test whether your candidate can give a good solution or not? Such a technique not only tests his problem-solving skills but also checks his confidence in his skills. Although, this technique can sometimes backfire as not all candidates are comfortable thinking of a solution when held on the spot. But if you want to hire remote software developers who would be the right fit for your project, this technique can be the perfect one.


4. Try to arrange for an in-person test instead of an online test: For obvious reasons, there might be chances of candidates deceiving you in an online test. However, it is not possible in an in-person assessment. However, if you do not want to go through all the hassle, Muoro can help you select the best pre-vetted engineers. We have a large pool of Silicon Valley-level engineers out of which you can hire remote software developers within just 72 hours.

5. Take note of how the candidate speaks: You would want to check for the candidate’s communication skills even if that is not among the criteria for selection. While it might not be wise to hire software engineers based on communication skills, you should still know where they stand when it comes to communication. Either you can train them on the job or leave it to us if you want them to interact with the client later on. We train our pool of software developers so that our clients do not have to spend their resources on them.

6. Check for the moral compass: You have to remember that even if the candidate is the best in terms of talent and experience, it can be a problem for your company if he is not ethical. You would not want the company to pay due to someone’s unethical approach. So, you should look into their background minutely and hire software engineers with ethics. Especially if your company is strict on serving customers with an ethical approach, you better hire remote software developers who can adhere to it.

While you can hire software engineers and spend your resources to pay a hefty salary to your engineers, with Muoro, you do not have to manage, train and compensate them. We take care of every aspect even after you have hired them from our pool of engineers.