Muoro Empowering French Fintech company with Java Full Stack Resources

Muoro is a leading provider of Java full-stack resources, specializing in Java Spring Boot and microservices for backend development and Angular with TypeScript for frontend development. The company is renowned for its AI-driven smart technology, which efficiently matches exceptional talent with organizations worldwide. In this case study, we will explore Muoro's partnership with 73strings, a French-based firm focused on innovative solutions in the fintech domain.

About French Fintech firms

French Fintech firms is a modern, integrated and holistic data collection, monitoring and valuation platform powering the private capital industry. The company has developed a next generation AI-powered platform to assist alternative investment funds in streamlining their middle-office processes. The platform enables funds to collect and seamlessly structure portfolio company data, monitor these companies and estimate their fair value at the click of a button. French Fintech firms supports clients globally across multiple strategies including Private Equity, Growth Equity, Venture Capital and Private Credit. Since inception, French Fintech firms has added clients with combined assets under management of more than USD 2 trillion. The company is headquartered in Paris and has a global presence across New York, London, Paris, Toronto, and Bengaluru to support its growing customer base.

The Partnership with Muoro

Recognizing Muoro's reputation for providing exceptional technical talent, 73strings approached them to fulfill their staffing requirements. Muoro was quick to understand 73strings' needs and set out to identify and present the most suitable candidates for their Java full-stack development team.

Muoro's Talent Acquisition Process:

  • AI-Driven Talent Selection: Leveraging their AI-driven smart technology, Muoro efficiently matched 73strings' requirements with a pool of highly skilled and vetted engineers from around the world.
  • Technical Assessment: To ensure the highest level of technical expertise, Muoro conducted comprehensive technical assessments, evaluating the candidates' proficiency in Java Spring Boot, Microservices, Angular, and TypeScript.
  • Soft Skills Evaluation: Apart from technical prowess, Muoro also assessed candidates for their communication skills, teamwork, leadership capabilities, and adaptability to ensure they would fit seamlessly into 73strings' work environment.
  • Presentation and Shortlisting: Muoro presented a curated list of qualified candidates to 73strings for further evaluation and shortlisting.
  • Interview Support: Muoro assisted 73strings throughout the interview process, coordinating interviews with the shortlisted candidates and providing feedback from both parties to facilitate informed decision-making.

Value Delivered by Muoro

Muoro proved to be a strong and reliable partner for 73strings throughout the engagement. They were instrumental in identifying and delivering highly skilled Java full-stack resources that met the organization's technical and cultural requirements.

Key aspects of value delivered by Muoro:

  • Quality Talent: Muoro provided access to a pool of exceptionally talented engineers with expertise in Java Spring Boot, Microservices, Angular, and TypeScript. These candidates possessed the necessary skills and experience to contribute both as individual contributors (IC) and in leadership roles.
  • Flexible Staffing Solutions: Whether 73strings required resources for lead positions to manage teams or skilled individual contributors for specific projects, Muoro had the ability to cater to their varying staffing needs.
  • Seamless Integration: The resources provided by Muoro seamlessly integrated into 73strings' existing teams, aligning with the company's values and work culture.
  • Ongoing Support: Muoro's support extended beyond just talent acquisition. They remained engaged with 73strings, ensuring the resources performed optimally and effectively in their roles.

Exceptional Outcome

The culmination of this successful partnership came with 73strings' remarkable achievement of closing a 10 million USD funding round. The influx of funds validated 73strings' innovative solutions and their commitment to excellence in the technology space. Muoro's contribution in providing top-notch Java full-stack talent certainly played a role in strengthening 73strings' capabilities and attracting investor confidence.


Muoro's AI-driven smart technology and dedication to delivering exceptional talent played a pivotal role in empowering 73strings to achieve its goals. The collaboration exemplified how a strategic staffing partnership can significantly impact an organization's growth and success. Through this case study, we see the significance of efficient talent acquisition and the value of forging strong partnerships with reliable staffing providers like Muoro in the competitive technology landscape.