Face Recognition through Data Science

Company Profile Where Remote Engineers Were Provided

A Government Security Organization in India responsible for ensuring a secured public environment along with keeping a track of all listed criminals, and suspects. To enhance security, the company uses many security features like Face recognition, digital footprints, thumb expressions, etc.

Goal of the Company:

Providing a safe environment in India by enhancing the security tight.

Why Company Needed the Right Skill-set in Their Team?

A security organization always needs the best employee that can match the company goals, handle the pressure of security, and deliver the solution on time. Traditional hiring is a time-taking as well as an expensive option. When the client contacted us, they were in need of the best engineering teams that could be available on budget and have the expertise in the related industry.

Being a government client, they had a large amount of data related to people and their face images. They wanted to get rid of a face recognition process that was fully manual and error-prone. Instead of that, they wanted to set up a quick and error-free automated verification process for a certain section of people. They also wanted to see an automated report at every month-end for all verified cases.

So the challenge was to make the process automated including reducing the time of service and costinvolved in the complete process.

How Muoro Helped Them to Meet the Required Talent?

Muoro helped them to meet the dedicated developers and software engineers from their large pool of employees. These engineers performed their duty remotely. With the blend of the right skills and prior experience, these experts automated the entire application in few months. Now the entire face recognition process is automated including an automated report generation tool for every month end.

These engineers were trained specialists that can work in any kind of environment. Secondly, they had the background skills which helped them to complete their work in a very less time frame.

Which Technologies Were Served by These Tech Experts?

These remote engineers possessed the below skills to implement the solution:

AWS sagemaker

Python for data


Tensor flow for computer vision

What did They Achieve?

With the help of remote engineering team hired through Muoro, the client was able to develop their desired solution.


Built a deep learning model that took a lot of sample face images and train model.


Data of the client that consisted of face images with their names were fed into the system and model were re-trained from these cases.


The model was improved continuously so as to detect faces even in case of low light, a small object in front of the face, etc.


Lastly, as an outcome of implementation, a face image was being fed into this model at real-time and the recognition done.

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