Data Analytics & Data Visualization for NBFCS

Company profile where Muoro helped with Specialized Data scientists

Being a licensed NBFC by Reserve bank of India, the company’s aim is to reach out to the MSME sectors that are financially excluded, unorganized and unreached.

Goal of the Company:

Making the finance available at a reasonable cost & deliver in a transparent manner. The NBFC provides loans to both urban poor & rural poor to meet their productive requirements in starting a new business or for growing an existing business.

Why company needed reliable data analytics solution?

The NBFC required an easy-to-use data analytics system to measure the productivity of their sales team; operations team including analysing of the turnaround time cuts. Earlier, it was done through the orthodox way of excel modeling. Also, there was a lack of accuracy. Moreover, they were doing everything manually.

How Muoro helped them leverage Expert data architects?

We analyzed the current reports and the data with all due diligence. Then we proposed them a data visualization for better data manipulation, more overbuilt statistical models and machine learning models to analyze all the gradient vectors in the attributes over a period of time.

Performed cross-validation on the sample sales team data with demographics attributes to get the right data matric. The major step involved were database design, cloud migration, data warehouse creation, data ingestion, metric development and data rendering on visualization system.

Which technologies were utilized by the experts?

Backend:Python, ( Numpy), Tensorflow

Cloud:AWS( EC2, S3, Kubernetes)



What did they achieve?


15% Growth in Sales – in 4 months


Efficiency increased by 10 man-days per month