AI and Data Management Team

Company profile where Muoro helped with Specialized Data scientists

A social networking company where idea generators can initiate global team- building process, adding missing pieces and even assembling their teams from ground-up. Technicians, engineers, developers, marketing specialists, mentors, legal professionals register on their portal, make profiles, upload their resumes, work-experience, recommendations and either apply to startups that are in teambuilding stage or are invited by startup founders for screening.

Goal of the Company:

Providing the right talent at right cost in the USA and European region.

Why company needed dedicated engineering prowess?

The company facilitating innovative start-ups was not able to find right AI, Data Science and Data Engineering talent the astronomical salaries in the USA and European region for the domain set was not feasible.

How Muoro helped them build an expert data scientist team?

We helped the client to build and curate an offshore development team of AI experts, Data Scientist and DevOps engineers by setting up a centre of excellence in India, specializing on AI and Data Science.

It took us just ten days to curate the talent required by the company. Muoro’s T&M model and short-term resource engagement helped the company to decrease the overhead costs of hiring such resources and fulfilling the demand at fraction of the cost.

Which technologies were served by these AI experts?

Python – Django

Python – Numpy & Pytorch

Devops – Docker & AWS Kubernetes

UI & UX – Visualization, Sketch

What did they achieve?

With the help of dedicated engineering team hired through Muoro, the client was able to fulfill the missing AI expertise.


60% Decrease in the cost through setting up India COE


Work-force on demand helped to increase the outreach and target more startups


Dedicated resources management by Muoro’s executives provided delivery and quality assurance as local partners.