Muoro's Encounter and Delivery for a Fintech Giant

Navigating Digital Transformation: A Case Study of Muoro’s Partnership with a Leading Fintech Firm

The Challenge

To significantly boost revenue by 30%, we propose a comprehensive overhaul of the payment modules, leveraging expert consultation, meticulous restructuring, and rigorous optimization. This strategic approach aims to enhance transaction management efficiency, ultimately driving substantial growth in revenue.

The Solution

Our collaboration with the fintech company not only achieved the targeted revenue growth and system scalability but also provided invaluable insights into the intricate world of financial transactions. The successful delivery of this project underscores our team's proficiency in optimizing financial processes, fostering growth, and attracting further investment within the finance sector.


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Payment Module Consultation:

Conducted an in-depth analysis of existing payment modules to identify inefficiencies and potential improvements.
Provided strategic recommendations to streamline transaction processes, reduce friction, and enhance the overall user experience

Scaling Wallet Saving Series Microservice:

Successfully scaled the wallet-saving series microservice from handling 63k concurrent users to a highly scalable capacity of 1.3 million concurrent users.
Identified and rectified multiple bottlenecks within the system to improve overall service scalability.

Implementation and Delivery:

A dedicated team comprising 4 backend engineers and 2 frontend engineers carried out the proposed architecture and planning.
The optimized system was delivered within the specified timeline, aligning with the targeted milestone of the new year.


Revenue Increase:

The optimization of payment modules and transaction management is anticipated to result in a substantial revenue increase of 30%

Enhanced System Scalability:

The successful scaling of the wallet-saving series microservice has significantly improved system scalability, accommodating a noteworthy surge in concurrent users.

Insights into Financial Processes:

The consulting process provided a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of financial transaction funnels, contributing to an enhanced perspective on financial processes.

Secured Additional Finance Domain Rounds:

The successful project delivery and the demonstrated expertise in financial optimizations enabled the company to secure three additional rounds of funding in the finance domain.