Industrial Application

Industries in which Muoro works the best:

1) E-commerce & Internet companies

MUORO is a data intelligence system most appropriate for E-commerce companies. Our systems use intelligent analytics to provide:

  • Analytics to unlock the buying patterns of the customers

  • Produce a better recommendation engine with our cognitive system

  • Understanding and mapping proper supply chain and delivery mechanisms to reduce logistic expenditures

  • A structured and appropriate advertisement engine for creating advertisements tailored to your target audience

  • In depth analytics to highlight your attrition rate

  • All within a single dashboard that operates on real time basis: MUORO


2) Retail

Retail Chains have large amounts of valuable data lying under their POS and CRM systems; however with MUORO’s decision science application, top management can use the data to augment their business operations in the following ways:

  • Allows you to understand the psychology of the customer, leading you to figure out new trends within your psycho-demographic market.

  • Helps predict the necessary levels of inventory and stock by analyzing your demand data.

  • Our uplifting models gives light unto who to send promotional offers and which content to use, increasing your yield rate.


3) Finance

The financial industry thrives off of data, thus to get the latent value of the free floating data MUORO presents you with AI-powered analytics with proper econometric models. Giving you an understanding of upcoming economic trends, with ease. With this software you can:

  • Import data through Hadoop, Sql, CSV, Excel and Infobright easily

  • Use the automated mechanism to figure out the proper matrix and guide you with appropriate visualizations.

  • Use our built-in intelligent decision tree models and ensemble models through our intuitive UI

  • Generate your risk score across multiple variables


4) Institution/University

Universities have student data; hence with MUORO as a decision science tool universities can uncover various aspects of their student body to accurately define their yield rate. MUORO’s smart technology provides you with authentic correlations of multiple variables present within the data.


5) Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies need detailed analytics to forecast their finished stock and raw material inventories, thus with proper analytics the optimum allocation of resources is possible.

Using MUORO’s predictive intelligence your business can save billions of dollars and improve it’s operational efficiency throughout each level of your organization.


6) Add On & Widgets – MUORO Store

We understand that sometimes every organization is not well enough equipped with the correct IT infrastructure and will need various modules to retrieve data from important matrices within the industry.

Hence at MUORO, we have taken care of that too. Even being an analytics-centric organization, we have also developed some widgets that can be really useful once integrated within a similar analytical eco-system. This way you won’t have to search for these important systems that automate your business processes, we have it all.