MUORO Through our software solutions we strive to provide uncomplicated business intelligence services on the cloud. To this end, we have developed a robust intelligent solution which can be used in any industry; all it needs is data.

Order Management

Manage your active or processed orders and track their respective payments easily.  This function applies to any industry & moreover enables you to manage your multi-channel store seamlessly.

Optimize your sales with MUORO’s order management software add-on feature, where you can take full control of the warehouse and manufacturing units solely within this module. Developed to make business management less stressful we incorporated a non-invasive status updating feature.

The best thing is that it’s synced within MUORO’s analytics dashboard, making it so that you don’t need to jump to between different management tools and software.

Customer Management

Customer Manager is MUORO’s CRM software that helps you manage and keep track of your customers better. Our on cloud software leads your sales team to success by accurately projecting future trends so you can perfectly time your next pitch.

Use our powerful customer management platform to track each and every detail of your customer’s purchase so that MUORO can understand the buying habits of your target market.  After all, your customers arguably provide the most important data for your operations.

Inventory Management

Every organization’s inventory management systems should be flawless when it comes to tracking and monitoring inventory. That is why we provided the add on feature of inventory management which was developed considering the same philosophy and provides real time inventory analytics to both you and your customers.

Ease your supply chain process with Muoro’s inventory management widgets. Track every element of your supply chain from anywhere around the globe. Our smooth UI and cloud mechanism makes the plugin easy to use for anyone in your business.

Big Data Integration

Big data integration is a key operational challenge for today’s enterprise’ IT departments. IT groups may find their skill sets, workload, and budgets over-stretched by the need to manage terabytes or petabytes of data in a way that delivers genuine value to business users. MUORO, the leading provider of open source data management solutions, helps organizations of all sizes to meet the big data challenge by making big data integration easier, faster, and more affordable.

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