How To Become A Data Scientist ?

{When I was going through my Quora feed I observed that many people asked questions like “what’s the path to start with data science” or “what it takes to become a data scientist”. The glance that I had on my Quora feed compelled me to write this article.}
As the century is gearing up with latest technologies like cloud computing and internet of things (IoT) , everyone has witnessed the amount of high-velocity data coming through various resources all around and we call this Big Data, which is the latest buzzword of the decade, hence big data brings it with the unstructured data,that is useful only when the systematic analytics is done around, thus the demand of data scientist needed by organizations has been in vogue. It’s ubiquitous to see that everyone wants to learn the skills to get into the trending things of today, but when I see questions on Quora it makes me feel anxious that how most of the aspiring data scientist just don’t know where to get the guidance from.

The resources are limited and there are nothing mainstream to get the insights to join the field of data science, many of them are confused what major should they pursue to get into data science there is nothing direct for these young data enthusiast and many of them leave their aspirations as they aren’t able to get things right.

As being one of you I would like to solve this puzzle through sharing my one-year of experience in the field of data analytics. So starting with the answer of most ubiquitous dilemma these days of the major to pursue as being a data scientist, Okay now I would like to tell you that data science is an interdisciplinary field that derives its roots from mathematics, statistics, economics and for sure computer science. My research concludes that for a data scientist technology is just a medium to apply the knowledge of the core fields that are math, stats, and economics. One needs to have good fundamental knowledge of linear algebra, calculus, advance probability, advance statistics & econometrics, to create their own prompt data models of given scenario, these models should have pre-determined objectives that eventually help to drive the economics growth of the organization.

Therefore one can do any major provided it covers the above-mentioned subjects, anything that involves logical reasoning & critical thinking is a good fit. Also, the hard fact is that your major would help you deal with partial knowledge through data science being an interdisciplinary field, you need to gain tremendous knowledge from your internet resources.

To summarize it I would like to tell that data science as the field is still in development phase, and in near future, the data scientists equipped with Artificial Intelligence skills will help society to unleash the disguised patterns of the data all around. “In future, the information of a particular transaction would be much valuable than the actual value of that transaction”. — Turn data into decisions with MUORO intelligence and analytics suite. #muorology

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