Math & Data transforming Organizations in 21st Century.

We are in the world where data is moving at high velocity over the Internet, people generate new data each moment from various activities like while checking their Facebook feeds to just searching something on Google or even buying a share of a company listed on a stock exchange, each new action creates abundance amount of data in these days. As more and more people get connected to Internet the data size will become in yottabytes in coming year.

The Problem –

So the next big problem that would be faced by the Internet industry will be to create enough amount of storage for the same data and to grow the storage size with respect to it. That’s an arduous task right, so what’s the solution to it.

Thus many companies have understood that to solve this problem they would need quant and machine-learning scientists, thus the researchers or mathematical wizards are in huge demand. Quant analysis with Machine Learning help to create algorithms that convert huge data into compressible small packets, which indeed make optimize the use of server storage space.

MUORO’s Technology:

Using the same underlying fundamentals of machine learning, stats and AI MUORO’S proprietary of dataShelter* helps to make the data smaller through converting it into packets as a result it reduce the storage cost, further it also helps in forming predictive models by doing analytics with your data, thus automates the entire process cycle of the data.

In recent times the leading institutions are suffering from brain drains as well, most of the tech giants are hunting Artificial intelligence & machine learning researchers. Recently BAIDU the Chinese search giant hired Andrew Ng Stanford professor as the company’s Chief Scientist thus to strengthen their machine learning division

Quant in finance:

The scope of quant and machine learning is not limited to only internet industry, in the current scenario, finance industry needs it the most, as now with modern technology, high-frequency trading or black-box trading. Banks and hedge funds need robust algorithms for their risk aversion since the financial crisis banks, insurance firms and hedge funds have become more cautious on quantifying risk and are less keen to develop new products in the form of derivatives.


Hence the rise in the demand for researchers is justified but with this quant solution MUORO one can always get powerful analytics on the go instantly while making machine learning and quant a hassle free infraction of the cost as compared with pay packages of the mathematical researchers.

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